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Welcome back users.

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1 Welcome back users. on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:29 pm

Welcome back lovely users.

all i wanted to say is, there is NO wipe. all of u are still there *huuray*

Meanwhile iam makeing the Launcher ill also add new updates.

*Master class (3rd job) added. ( no skills atm, will be added later. but you will get stats and increased stats - lvl 150 to get Master class. )

*Sanctuary fix ( probaly inside the dungeon and perhaps the portal , this was a wild geuss fix. )

*Tameing rates increased ( Tameing rates increased by 15%. )

*Altar fix ( You can now insert items ( Untested. )

*Save files fix ( we're now able to see all day in and out what you do without being ingame, its like a live-cam on people. )

*New launcher ( Launcher will have fast buttons to go to things verry quickly, also you will not need launcher.exe anymore. )

I hope this is anough

*** Download launcher at the download section now. thankyou!***

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